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3 November 1990
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I tend to maniacally save icons without noting where I got them, so if you see one uncredited, let me know and I will gladly credit you :)

A little about myself, if you are at all interested.

I am 19 years old, i am a female, i am from London, England, it is quite possibly the best city in the world, yes i am that biased, and refuse to be objective, i am right until proven wrong, which isn't often, i have a tendency to be very random, and not just the type of oh i made a comment that was random one time, random, the majority of things i say are random, because they are completely out of the blue, or unrelated to anything, and are often things straight out of my imagination, which is filled with many many what others would find to be, weird thoughts. I like to talk, you may have noted that by now, due to my babbling. My sexuality is fickle, yes thats right, fickle, it seems like a nonsensical statement, and many would disagree with sexuality being fickle, however it is what it is, i am how i am, deal with it. That being said, i have a ridiculous amount of girl crushes, although as with most who suffer from this very common affliction known as the "girl crush" there are a few girls, who make the top of the list, mine being Ashley Greene, Megan Fox, Kristen Stewart, Dianna Agron(my crush on her is epic, i couldn't try to explain the intensity) and Adrianna Lima, that's my top 5, although to be honest, the four not in the top spot, tend to change positions frequently. I smoke, and i love it, i dislike people who have a problem with me smoking, i understand and appreciate their concern, but i realise that smoking is bad for me, without having to be reminded of it every time i pull out a cigarette, after smoking for 5 years, the overall detrimental effect smoking has had on my health, has alerted me, as to how bad it is for me. I also have a thing for hot guys/girls that smoke, i find it sexy, i have been told this is weird, personally, its like the cigarette equivalent of porn in my eyes. I like to read, every type of book, from The Catcher in the Rye, to The Lion the witch and the wardrobe. I am a fan of the Twilight Saga, New Moon being my favourite, mainly because Alice is featured most in that book, and Alice aside from being my favourite Cullen, is the only thing about the books, that made it bearable at times. I Love her. I also love her in the Twilight Movie. I loved new moon, i couldnt possibly convey it through words, only through a high pitched screech/gasp, its very fangirlish, which a part of me is very ashamed of, because bringing me to the next thing i decided to type, i am not a girly type of girl, i hate dresses and skirts, and the color pink, and i lack most of what are considered feminine qualities, i like sports, and drinking beer, i like xbox, and all things that are seen as masculine, a viewpoint i do not agree with, but i wont get into that. I love music, all music, yes even classical, even country, hell even jazz, i listen to anything that sounds good. I mainly only watch five tv shows, Btvs, 30 rock, Glee(2nd best show ever, Faberry <3) and Himym and Family Guy, the last in moderation. I love movies, comedies mostly, i love any film that features Tina Fey, shes awesome, i love Anime films, anything by Studio Ghibli, i love superhero movies, and i have an obcession with all Vampire films, ever since i was 7 years old, i've just had this weird compulsion to check out anything involving Vampires, i love Martial arts films. I feel that if whoever is reading this, hasn't bailed on the page by now, then they are probably reading, and wondering why i am stil talking, so i will stop. Hard to read? Ha fun times :D
Just one more thing, the above paragraph of what is useless information to those who have read it, demonstrates that i don't have one consistent trail of thought, im kind of all over the place like that, if you understood, and managed to keep up with all of that, i commend you :) good job. Kay, im done. and im out!